Outdoor Spaces

KCLC provides a variety of outdoor play spaces for your child to explore and engage in.  KCLC has strong connections to other outdoor spaces within our region which we share with your child including the Community garden, Warramunda Aged Care visits, Kyabram Fauna Park.  In our outdoor spaces we often have visiting pets from families including ducks, chickens, dogs, lambs, rabbits and more.

Growing Plants


KCLC works with our community to develop suitable sustainable practices which we enjoy sharing with and learning from our families and children that attend our centre.  Some of our sustainability programs inclusion involve; compost, worm farm, vegetable garden, chickens, using recycled products within the centre, waste reduction initiatives.


Play based learning

Active play is essentially physical activity with spontaneous and occasional bursts of high energy. It can occur indoors or outdoors, alone or with friends and family. Even before children can walk, they can start playing. As they get older and learn more skills, opportunities for active play increase.  KCLC Childcare has a number of outdoor spaces for the children to explore, experience and develop into curious learners.  
Active play is important for your child’s health, growth and development. Regular activity and play has many benefits for children. These include: • building strong hearts, muscles and bones. • fostering social interaction skills. • developing movement and co-ordination. • improving thinking skills. • encouraging self-esteem. • developing emotional skills.
KCLC Childcare staff encourage and plan for children to be active every day. They can act as role models and should join in playing with the children as often as possible. The best way to maintain variety and interest is by programming a wide range of structured and unstructured opportunities for active play and rotating the program every couple of days. By keeping a record of the activities you will be able to develop your own active play resource folder. This may be particularly useful for new staff.