Quality and Policies

Key KCLC Policies and Organisational Documents

KCLC is committed to providing flexible, responsive and innovative services of the highest quality that meet the needs of Children, Families, learners and Community members. With a dedicated team that strives for excellence, we focus on maximising opportunities for growth and development for families, individuals and communities.

KCLC has a commitment to assist in providing a tailored service that is culturally sensitive, inclusive and respects the dignity of all people. This is underpinned by our overarching KCLC organisational mission.


AGM Reports


AGM Report 2020-2021

KCLC's AGM report highlights some of the work that KCLC has undertaken over the 12 month period.

AGM Report 2019-2020

KCLC's AGM report highlights programs KCLC has provided to community as a service and in partnership with other services to support our community.

AGM Report 2018-2019

KCLC's AGM report enables KCLC to demonstrate the work that occurs within and with our community


Organisational Documents

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KCLC Organisational Chart


Early Learning Philosophy


Strategic Plan 2020-2025


Key Policies

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Confidentiality Policy


Code of Conduct


Code of Ethics


Acceptance and Removal Policy (Early Learning Program)


Enrolment Policy (Early Learning)