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Neighbourhood House

Paving the Way to a Better Tomorrow

Neighbourhood Houses have a unique role to play within our communities. Our passion is to help our communities achieve, help you achieve in all that you want to see and do. Looking for a space to hire to start up a business?, or to hold a community meeting, or starting a new group or class. Your Neighbourhood House should be your first call.

Yoga Class

Fitness Classes

Strength, health and Wellness

These classes are designed to introduce you to the confidence and strength of fitness by providing a range of skills and strength building.

Classes include; young at heart, self defense, mindful meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga.

Team work

Support Classes

Stronger together

One of the main reasons the Kyabram Community and Learning Centre Inc. was founded in 1983 was to support the Kyabram community grow, achieve and develop.  KCLC rovides space and resources to enable a number of support groups to be available to the Kyabram District.  Support groups include; Aged Carers, Parkinsons, Women's Support group, and many more.

Holding Hands

Domestic Violence Prevention

Social Change

Our primary focus at Kyabram Community and Learning Centre Inc.  is Family Violence prevention.  This issue touches many lives within our region.  We dedicate significant resources on tackling this probelm within our community.  KCLC is a founding partner of the Campaspe Family Violence Action Group, committed to reduce family violence and support victims within the Shire of Campaspe.

Volunteer Team

Volunteer Opportunities

Working together

Kyabram Community and Learning Centre Inc. was established in 1983 by volunteers dedicated to the Kyabram District and ensuring no one was left behind.  Join our dedicated team of volunteers and assist in continuing to develop our community.  Programs for volunteers include; the community garden, Childcare, Support groups, Community Meal, Volunteer Driver Program.

Kids in the Garden

Community Garden

Growing together

Community gardens are places where people come together to grow food, foster good health, green urban environments, support life long learning and cultivate vibrant communities.

Community gardens are being recognised as an innovative way to grow food and improve health. They bring together people from all walks of life, backgrounds and ages to foster a lively and connected community. Whilst gardening is the focus, community gardens are generally community hubs for a range of activities – learning and education, playgroups, arts and creative activities, preparing and sharing food, community events, celebrations and social enterprise.

Mexican Fiesta

Community Meal

Treat Others as You’d Like to Be Treated

Th Kyabram Community Meal is a free 2 course lunch service offered in KCLC's Room 11.

Since 2016, the Community Meal has been serving people facing times in need of support and connection. It runs each Thursday from 12pm at the Kyabram Community and Learning Centre Inc.

Between 30-75 people in need are provided a vital lifeline of:

  • A free hot two-course meal, consisting of a soup, main course, or main course, dessert

  • Drinks including tea, coffee and milo

  • An opportunity to socialise and connect with others

The inclusive nature of the meal is a unique drawcard for diners, staff and volunteers with everyone encouraged to come along, sit down and eat together. It’s an opportunity for people to engage with others, eat some healthy food and feel part of the wider Kyabram community.

To put together the weekly meal, food is supplied by Foodshare Bendigo and Shepparton and is supplemented by resources from purchased within the Kyabram District.


ACFE Pre-Accredited Training

Training Pathways

Kyabram Community and Learning Centre Inc. Provides pre-accredited training for the community.  These programs are designed to help learners gain the confidence and skills needed to look for a job or go on to further study. They include courses in communication, job search skills, getting ready to go back to work and literacy and numeracy. To deliver pre-accredited training, an organisation must be registered with the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board. The quality and structure of all pre-accredited programs is regularly reviewed by the ACFE Board.

Teenage Group

Youth Programs

Inspiring change

Being a young person in today's society can provide many exciting opportunities and new experiences while presenting numerous challenges and obstacles. Some of these may be small and easy to overcome, whilst for others might want, or need, a hand to work out the best way forward for them.
The Department of Human Services is responsible for providing a range of services to assist young people between the ages of 10 and 18 years and for developing, and maintaining, connections to all youth related areas.  KCLC youth programs include Homework Club, Kyabram Hub, Holiday Programs, and many more.


KCLC Visiting Services

Outreach to Kyabram

Kyabram is a township located on the edge of boundaries with a community that does not have reliable and accessible public transport to travel as a result of community requests KCLC endeavours to partner with organisations to enable them to partner with KCLC to ensure services are delivered within Kyabram for the communities within our District. If there is a service you would like to see in Kyabram let us know.

Two Businessmen

Job Networks

Eworks, CVGT, Work Trainers & The Personal Group

Job Networks connect Job Seekers with employers & is delivered by a network of job active providers, KCLC's visiting Job Networks are Eworks, CVGT, Work Trainers and The Personal Group.  Job seekers can get help from a Job Network provider to get and keep a job. Job Network providers know where the jobs are and what to do to help job seekers prepare for work & how to match job seekers to employer needs.  For more information please contact us at KCLC 5852 0000.

Sunset in the Nature


Mental Health Support

The Kyabram Community and Learning Centre Inc facilitate visiting Psychologists to the Centre.  This improves access to and quality of mental health care locally for people with common mental health problems.  



Support, empowerment, strength

Kyabram Community and Learning Centre Inc host a range of Councillors that work out of the Centre for the community.

CASA Centre Against Sexual Assault, MINDS Australia and

ALANON.  These services include counselling, support and advocacy for people and their families who have experienced sexual abuse, alcohol abuse and addiction, and people that are dealing with the day to day impacts of mental illness.  For more information please contact KCLC in confidence on Ph: 58520000

Students Discussing Paper

Visiting Registered Training Organisations


Registered Training Organisations deliver training in Kyabram at KCLC to ensure that the local community are able to access their training needs close to home.  Courses include; First Aid, Responsible Serving of Alcohol, Children's Services, Aged Care, and more.
Are you completing an online course and need someone to supervise, KCLC can do that too.  Come in and arrange a time today.


Centrelink / Medicare Agent​

Kyabram Community & Learning Centre Inc. are an agent for Centrelink.  We provide the service of being able to communicate with Centrelink via phone, fax, computer or mail at no charge.  Medicare facilities are also available here at the Kyabram Community and Learning Centre, we can provide and mail off claim forms.

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Haven Homesafe

Every-one deserves a place to call home

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Outreach Services

Ask your service for outreach