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KCLC Family Support Services

Children have the best outcomes in life when they grow up with the support of a healthy family. KCLC Family Services works with families to keep families safely together. Our team support hundreds of  families in Campaspe and Greater Shepparton every year, offering a broad range of inclusive family and parenting services and programs. 

KCLC Family support workers visit families at home, within community or at KCLC, meeting face-to-face in the place where they feel most in control. Our team work alongside parents to help them build skills and awareness, resulting in safer and more connected environments for their children. 


We work in a partnership approach to connect families with other specialist services when this provides the best outcomes for the family. KCLC will also support families co ordinate many services that may be supporting their family.  Children are at the centre of all discussions and great care is taken to make sure the voice of the child is heard throughout the process.

Referrals to Family Services come through The Orange Door. 


If you would like more information you are welcome to call KCLC on 5852 0000.

Group Sessions

KCLC offer group programs each year to support families learn from our Family Services team as well as each other.  By widening the support circle of families making sustained change is easier.

Connected Services

KCLC connects with a wide variety of services and programs and are able to support families connect with services who are able to support families achieve their goals.

The Orange Door

Referrals for KCLC Family Support Services usually come through the Orange Door.  There are many benefits to ensuring you access services through the Orange Door instead of directly entering the Family Support Service.  These include referrals to all services required to support your family reach their goals.

Personalised Service

Each family is provided a personalised service that meets their key objectives to benefit the best interest of their children. Focus will be provided to work with you to achieve the goals you have identified.  KCLC Family support services team 'do with' and not 'for' our families.

NeuroOptimal Program

NeuroOptimal is a program that many find helps them find a calmness and reduce anxiety.  Sessions can be booked through the KCLC Family Services Team.  You do not need to be a Family Services client to access this service.

Drop In support

If you have a specific problem or concern you can contact KCLC to see if we are able to support you access supports you need.  There are times these short interventions are able to change the path of an individual or family without the need for a referral.

What Our Clients Say

KCLC Family Services Client

"KCLC is a very welcoming and professional atmosphere where they make you feel welcome and free to be yourself, you never feel judged or unwelcome."
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