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Like many Neighbourhood Houses there is a lot that happens at KCLC.  We develop and adapt our programs to support our community needs and suits our evolving community.

We are the starters, the connectors, we fill the gaps and support community to achieve their goals.  We do with, not for.  We are after all just one of you.

We have a small workforce who work with our community services providers and volunteers to deliver a significant number of programs and opportunities to our community.

Family Support Services

Family Support Services empowers you with the tool needed to start your child‘s life with the best opportunities by connecting with the service that supports you to develop the skills, confidence and strength as a parent. For more information click here.

Early Learning Program

KCLC Early Learning program includes many areas of preschool children's development.  Trained educators support your child through play in a learning and developmental framework to ensure the best for your child.  Our program includes 3 year old Kinder; 4/5 year old Kinder and Long Daycare.  For more information and enrolment form click here.

Material Aid Program

KCLC's material aid program supports people with essential items.  We accept referrals from organisations across Victoria, supporting families and individuals who are suffering as a result of extreme circumstance. Extreme circumstance can strike anyone at any time.


No interest and no charges, EVER

Washing machine broke down? Unexpected car repairs? Car registration due? Need a new laptop for work or school? Moving and need support with bond or rent in advance?

Unexpected expenses are bound to pop up from time to time. NILs help you manage your money and you only pay back what you borrow, nothing more.

Internet Cafe

Our internet cafe enables you to access the internet for a low cost hourly fee.  This ensures that the internet is accessible by everyone within our community.

Equipment Hire

KCLC has a wide variety of equipment that is available for community to hire.  These include;

  • Healthy Hearts Trailer

  • Pressure Washer

  • Projectors

  • Laptops

For more information and Booking form click here.

Dementia Alliance

KCLC is lead agency on our communities Dementia Alliance which supports increasing community awareness and reducing the stigma of a dementia diagnosis.  This Alliance consists on several organisations and individuals who work in partnership. To find more information regarding Dementia Alliance and other Dementia resources click here.

Dementia Support Group

KCLC in partnership with Kyabram District Health Service we provide support to the dementia support group.  This group provides social connections and information for people living with dementia and their carers.  This group meets on the last Thursday of each month, with other activities (determined by the group) at various times throughout the year. To learn more click here.

Campapse Family Violence Action Group

KCLC is a founding partner of the Campaspe Family Violence Action Group (CFVAG). This action group is supported by many agency partners.  For more information on this group and the work we undertake visit website here.

Room Hire

KCLC has many different spaces for hire for community and organisations delivering services within Kyabram District.

Spaces are available for classroom style, theatre style, meeting rooms, computer labs, exercises classes.

Learn Local Classes

KCLC offers many learn local classes to meet the needs of our community.  This will change to meet the needs of the community.  Our current classes include;

Computer courses, tablet and mobile phone, woodworking, customer service, cleaning, kitchen hand to name a few. To find KCLC's classes available this term click here.

Flood Support and Recovery

KCLC is working with neighbouring communities to support their reestablishment post the October 2022 floods that caused significant issues within our District.  KCLC has a number of physical items to provide families.  Please contact KCLC for more information.  For other Flood Support and recovery support click here.

Centrelink Agent

Our Centrelink Agency provides face-to-face support to customers wanting to access Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support assistance. You are able to use the computers and phones provided to self access support, or free WIFI to use your own device or our team can assist with:

  • Verifying identification on behalf of Centrelink

  • Assisting people with creating MyGov accounts

  • Submitting required paperwork

  • Providing general information about payments and obligations.


Research suggests that when the brain is trained over a substantial period, people improve their cognitive and reasoning skills. Attention training and memory can also be improved. Consequently, people enhance their ability in coping with daily activities and carrying out regular tasks. 

That is why we advocate for NeurOptimal®. This is a form of dynamical brain training that optimises the functions of your central nervous system.

Outreach Programs

KCLC is open to various agencies and programs delivering services at our location.  KCLC does not attempt to provide all services ourselves, instead connecting with a wide variety of services and programs to ensure our community receives the programs important to them.  Providers are able to book rooms for hire to support their service delivery.

Exercise and Wellbeing Classes

KCLC works with community to determine what exercise and wellbeing classes are needed within our District.  Classes currently provided include; young at heart classes which are low impact classes, Parkinson group exercise classes and Tai chi classes. For more information and to book classes click here.

First Aid Courses

First Aid courses are available for community to ensure they are up to date and ready for any emergency.

Community Garden and Traffic School

The Kyabram Community garden and traffic school is a wonderful dual use space that people are able to use to grow their own fruit and vegetables, experience the impressive sculptures and for younger community members learn about their road rules.

The space is located at 27 Lake Road Kyabram.

Home to groups

Many community groups use the building at KCLC to hold their meetings.  This space is available for all community.  Bookings are made at or in person at KCLC.


KCLC is an auspice for many community groups and activities.   If you need DGR status, a newly formed group or need support for your project to access grants or funding, KCLC can support you and your application.


KCLC is able to support program participation in community events and activities.  These supports will be tailors to you and your needs.

The Giving Place

The giving place is where community are able to leave items to share with other community members.  This is located out the front of KCLC and is accessible for all to utilise.

Book Swap and Community Library

Near KCLC reception is the Kyabram Bookswap.  This initiative was established by students at Kyabram P-12 College.  Books are donated for community to freely share and donate any books for their use.  We also manage the community library next to the Giving place to enable access to a smaller selection of books 24/7.

Womens Shed and supporter of the Mens Shed

KCLC manages the women's shed in Kyabram and is a supporter of the men's shed.  The women's shed is led by local woman Andrea Morgan.

The Kyabram Men's shed is an independently managed organisation which KCLC supports through equipment and other common interests.

Craft Group

KCLC's craft group is a group what work on both joint and individual craft projects that enable community connection in a supportive environment.  The craft group have been responsible for a variety of initiatives including; dignity bags, Kyabram Boomerang bags, beanies for preemies, quilts for palliative care and quilts for Rochester. For more information and to join the craft group click here.


Bookclub meet monthly at KCLC to enjoy their reading together and support their connection with community. To join the book club click here.

Afterschool Cooking

Afterschool cooking is a youth program, which provides youth the opportunity to expand their cooking knowledge and skills. For more information and to join the Afterschool Cooking class click here.

Sick Pay Guarantee

The Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee provides eligible casual and contract workers with a guarantee they will receive sick pay when they can’t go to work. Because no worker should have to choose between a day’s pay and their health – or the health of a loved one.  KCLC can place your application for sick pay for you.  Drop into KCLC or call to arrange a time for us to assist you. For more information about the sick pay guarantee click here.

Power saving Bonus Scheme

The $250 Power Saving Bonus is open to all eligible Victorian households from 24 March, 2023, including those that received payments under previous rounds.  KCLC can place your application for the bonus for you. Call or drop into KCLC to access support for your application.  To learn more about the Power saving bonus scheme click here.

Food Swap

If you grow your own produce you are welcome to come down and meet with other producers to swap your excess with someone else.  This program reduces waste, increases tips and tricks of growing your own produce with others. For more information regarding the Kyabram Food swap and meeting times click here.

Photocopying and Laminating

KCLC can photocopy and laminate items for community.  This is a cost for community.  

Tax Help Program

The Tax Help Program is a free ATO initiative to assist eligible people earning $60,000 or less lodge their tax return online.  For more information on this program click here.

Winter Coat/Blanket Drive

KCLC accepts coats and blankets year round, but especially in winter.  All donations are welcome into this program.  Please contact KCLC for more information on how to donate.

Container Deposit Scheme

Multicultural Programs

Social Enterprises

117 Albion St, Kyabram is home to Kyabram's Container Deposit location.

KCLC provides this service to support community groups and our wider community to easily participate in the scheme and benefit from the 10c refund for all eligible containers.

To Learn More Click Here.

2024 will see KCLC provide Multicultural programs within many of our services.  In addition 2024 will see a Multicultural Festival in 2024.

KCLC runs many social enterprises to raise funds for our programs and new initiatives.  These include;

  • Rags in a bag

  • Kindling 

  • Boomerang Bags

  • Op Shop gifts and clothing




Ensure no one is left behind

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